Photos: New SDCC Portraits

I’ve added new portraits of Alexa and the cast of The Man In The High Castle from San Diego Comic Con. These are lovely! Enjoy.

Press/Photos/Videos: SDCC – Master Post

Alexa was at SDCC today promoting The Man In The High Castle Season 3. I can’t wait for the new season. Supposedly they showed an extended clip at the convention. We got lots of awesome photos. I’ve added them to the gallery and will add any more I come across to this post. So be sure to check out the links below. Big thanks to my friend Marie for some of these!

The Man in the High Castle returned to SDCC to preview its upcoming third season on Prime Video. This engaging panel featured cast and creator discussion, exclusive sneak peeks, and audience Q&A. Panelists included Alexa Davalos (Mob City), Rufus Sewell (Victoria), Jason O’Mara (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and Stephen Root (Dallas & Robo) along with Executive Producers Isa Dick Hackett (Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams) and Dan Percival (Strike Back).

IMDB Interview Snippet:

UPDATE #1: The Man In The High Castle will return October 5, 2018.
UPDATE #2: The Man In The High Castle has been renewed for season four.
UPDATE #3: The Man In The High Castle teaser trailer released.


Press: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ is headed to SDCC

The Man In The High Castle is headed to SDCC! There is no news on if Alexa will be in attendance or what cast members will be there. It looks like it’s just a panel and not a screening. I’m so excited! Perhaps we will get season 3 news.

All the TV Panels and Screenings Headed to San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Cosplayers start your engines, San Diego Comic-Con is almost upon us!

Every summer, San Diego becomes a Mecca for nerd culture as thousands of fans hit up San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate their favorite comics, movies and TV shows. Even if you can’t make it to the con though, you can still fly your nerd flag by trolling twitter for pics, tuning into live streams of panels and, of course, following TV Guide for all the latest news and coverage.

To help guide your con experience, whether you’re on the ground or following from afar, here’s all the info you need about every TV panel headed to Comic-Con this summer.

Saturday, July 21:
4:15-5:15 p.m.: The Man in the High Castle panel (Room 6A)
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Photos: 2017 Photo Session

I’ve added a couple new photos to the gallery. It’s a lovely shoot Alexa did last year.. though it could also be from 2016. Not entirely positive.

I have a lot of photos to add to the gallery. I am thinking of rebuilding the gallery to make it more clean and organized. The old gallery will remain online until I transfer everything over. I think it’ll make updating the gallery easier and less of a pain. hehe

Enjoy the new photos and let’s hope The Man In The High Castle returns soon.

Photos: Happy Birthday Alexa!!

Today is Alexa’s birthday! I hope she has a lovely birthday. Be sure to send her a birthday tweet on twitter at @alexaKdavalos. In honor of her birthday I have added screencaps of her short film from 2002 The Ghost of F Scott Fitzgerald directed by Charles Lyons. The caps are not great but they are better than nothing! I was so excited to be able to finally find this film. It is one of the only two projects of Alexa I had never seen. You can watch the film below. Enjoy!


Celebrating 13 Years Online!

So 13 years ago this week I opened a tiny fansite for one of my favorite actresses, Alexa Davalos. The fansite supports Alexa and her career and has become an online spot for her fans online. I love working on it! I have made some great friendships within this fan community with fellow Alexa fans who ponder with me why Gwen Raiden never got her own spin-off or why Kyra had to die in Riddick. (We are still bummed about that!) Thank you for visiting for the last 13 years and thank you Alexa for inspiring and creating.

Photos: New York Comic Con

I’ve added photos of Alexa from her appearance at New York Comic Con (NYCC) this past weekend. Enjoy.


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