Celebrating 12 Years Online

So 12 years ago this website was created.. 12 years.. that’s over a decade.. wow. I remember making this fansite. I was such a fast fan of Alexa. I have loved all of her roles especially Gwen Raiden, Kyra, Samantha Carlton, Jasmine, and Julianna Crane. This site was created as a small fan hub online where fellow Alexa fans could interact and keep up with what she’s doing. I have always run this fansite myself and I have enjoyed all 12 years.

I do not know Alexa personally and I’ve never met her. We have spoken on Twitter a few times and she has been nothing but kind and sincere. She’s so graceful and elegant and I’m really truly happy for her success and pride myself on being a long time fan. Maybe with her finally getting the recognition she deserves I’ll get to meet her at a convention or something. That would be cool.

So thanks for visiting my site all these years and fangirling with me. And more importantly thank you Alexa for gracing us with your presence on screen and being my favorite actress.
– J

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