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General/Photos: Alexa Davalos Web celebrates 14 years online!

Alexa Davalos Web celebrates 14 years online!!! Yes, 14! I clearly have been a big fan of Alexa. I first saw her portray Gwen Raiden on Angel and I thought her character was so kick ass and then I saw her in The Chronicles of Riddick and she was even more kick ass in a completely different way. I have been a fan since and have seen every single one of her projects except Untitled Secret Service Project (TV Movie in 2002).

I made this little fansite as a really young girl as a way to show support for one of my favorite actresses. The site has been a joy to make and I have met so many lovely Alexa fans to fangirl with. hehe. I’ve never met Alexa, personally, but she just seems like such a lovely and elegant soul, not to mention crazy talented, but I do hope if she ever visits the site that she feels proud and special. Thank you all for visiting for the last 14 years.

In honor of this celebration, I’ve added a bunch of photo shoot images of Alexa. Enjoy!!

Photos: ‘The Punisher’ HD Screencaps and Stills

I’ve added HD screencaps and stills of Alexa in Marvel’s The Punisher. It was awesome to see her in another role across from Jon Bernthal. Enjoy!

Photos: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Season 3 HD Screencaps

Now that I’m sure most people have caught up on season 3 of The Man In The High Castle, I’ve added HD screencaps of Alexa from the entire season. You can check all the lovely photos in th gallery. Enjoy!

Press/Videos: 2018 New York Comic Con – Master Post

Alexa Davalos attends New York comic con to talk about the upcoming season of The Man in the High Castle.


Press/Photos/Video: ‘The Man On The High Castle’ visit BUILD Series

Season three of the Emmy award-winning “The Man in the High Castle,” finds Juliana Crain grappling with her destiny after seeking safety in the Neutral Zone. Realizing that their fates are intertwined, she works with Trade Minister Tagomi to interpret the mystery of the last remaining films. Meanwhile, Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith learns of a shocking and ambitious new Nazi program that has personal and global ramifications. Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell, Chelah Horsdal and Isa Hackett came to BUILD to discuss the latest season of the Amazon Prime series.


Photos: Photo Sessions & Magazine Scans Update

I’ve added a few new photos to the gallery of Alexa. Two are photo session additions she did with The Man In The High Castle gang at SDCC. I want to thank my friend Emily for these photo session additions. The other is a new scan from the new issue of TV & Satellite Week which features Rufus Sewell on the cover and a small interview with him. You can see a new promo shot from The Man In The High Castle and a little info about the new season which airs in a couple weeks. Enjoy!

Press/Photos: ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Season 3

The new trailer for season 3 of The Man In The High Castle will premiere tomorrow! I’ll be sure to add it to the site but make sure you are following the series twitter for the first glimpse. I’ve also added a new promotional image for season 3. Enjoy!

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