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Feast Of Love – On The Set!

Thanks so much to The Fresh Pot for posting a photo of Alexa on the set of Feast of Love which can be found here. She looks adorable in the photo as you can see from the preview below. They posted a summary of the day which you can read here. Be sure to visit their cafe if you’re in the area!

Alexa RAINES!!

That’s right. It’s official. The show was picked up by NBC and Alexa will be playing Sandy Boudreau. Thanks to Jenn for the heads up and info and also for a new candid of Alexa with ex-boyfriend Josh Lucas which can be seen here. I have added 3 stills from the pilot of RAINES which you can see here and see previews below.

A new role RAINES on Alexa?!

It seems has added Alexa on a new pilot entitled “RAINES.” No set date has been made. It says 2006. There’s not even much information on the show aside from “An eccentric police officer talks to dead victims to help him find their murderers.” They have a cast list as well listed. You can read it all here. I’ll keep you posted on any news that comes my way.

I added a ton of new old images to the gallery so you can see them all here. It’s basically everything on the first page except the last 5 images. Also, welcome our new fantastic affiliate, Unofficial Vin Diesel Fan Club, so be sure to check it out!

Random Images

Not much going on with our girl. On there’s talk about her being perfect for Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman but that just seems like all talk. We can all hope that Joss sees that amazingness that is Alexa and cast her. 🙂 I added 25 new random images of Alexa and they are as follows with previews to follow:

07 x 2005 FOX Teen Choice Awards
06 x 2005-2006 FOX Primetime Upfront Party
01 x Score Magazine
01 x TV Guide
01 x The Chronicles of Riddick Premiere: Amsterdam
04 x The Chronicles of Riddick – Movie Stills
01 x The Chronicles of Riddick – Official Site Images
01 x The Chronicles of Riddick – Merchandise
03 x Autographs

Reunion Screencaps

Thanks again to my bud Janine I added 307 screencaps from the final Reunion. 🙁 You can find the screencaps here. 🙂

Reunion Screencaps

Thanks to my amazing, AMAZING friend Janine I added 237 screencaps from Reunion 1×07 – “1992” and 274 screencaps from Reunion 1×08 – “1993”. 🙂

190+ New Images

Hey guys! We *finally* not only hit but passed the 5,000 mark in the gallery. woohoo! I added a bunch of caps that were long over due. I also re-organized the Inteviews section in the gallery to ease surfing. Onto the images..

� 29 x 2004 Riddick Interview #2
� 26 x 2004 Riddick Interview #3
� 20 x 2004 Riddick Interview #4
� 15 x 2004 Riddick Premiere
� 98 x 2005 FOX Interview: Alexa on “Sam Dying”

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