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Celebrating 13 Years Online!

So 13 years ago this week I opened a tiny fansite for one of my favorite actresses, Alexa Davalos. The fansite supports Alexa and her career and has become an online spot for her fans online. I love working on it! I have made some great friendships within this fan community with fellow Alexa fans who ponder with me why Gwen Raiden never got her own spin-off or why Kyra had to die in Riddick. (We are still bummed about that!) Thank you for visiting for the last 13 years and thank you Alexa for inspiring and creating.

Celebrating 12 Years Online

So 12 years ago this website was created.. 12 years.. that’s over a decade.. wow. I remember making this fansite. I was such a fast fan of Alexa. I have loved all of her roles especially Gwen Raiden, Kyra, Samantha Carlton, Jasmine, and Julianna Crane. This site was created as a small fan hub online where fellow Alexa fans could interact and keep up with what she’s doing. I have always run this fansite myself and I have enjoyed all 12 years.

I do not know Alexa personally and I’ve never met her. We have spoken on Twitter a few times and she has been nothing but kind and sincere. She’s so graceful and elegant and I’m really truly happy for her success and pride myself on being a long time fan. Maybe with her finally getting the recognition she deserves I’ll get to meet her at a convention or something. That would be cool.

So thanks for visiting my site all these years and fangirling with me. And more importantly thank you Alexa for gracing us with your presence on screen and being my favorite actress.
– J

Alexa Davalos Web – Celebrating 11 YEARS online!

So this weekend Alexa Davalos Web celebrated 11 years online! Can you believe it!? I have never had a website this long and I have loved every minute of working on this one. It seems like just yesterday I was opening a fansite on the amazing Alexa after becoming an insta-fan of her work on Angel and Reunion. From there my admiration and adoration for her and her craft just grew and 11 years have gone by. I want to thank all the lovely Alexa fans who visit the site regularly throughout the years and have shared photos, fan art, and fangirl chatted with me! Thanks for visiting my site! To celebrate this milestone (11 is one of my favorite numbers!) I’ve given the website a brand new design with a matching one at the gallery as well. I thought using old photos and her most recent photo shoot was a nice little touch in commemorating this little milestone. I hope you all like it.

New Site Design & High Castle Photos

As you can see we have a new design on the site. In honor of The Man In The High Castle premiere next month I thought I would promote the series on the design because I love the series so much already. This design is mobile friendly so enjoy that mobile visitors. 🙂 As the time approaches for The Man In The High Castle to fully release the series on Amazon, more and more photos are surfacing. I will do my best to share the ones I come across on the site. Enjoy a new promotional photo of Alexa and an episode still for a future episode.

The Man In The High Castle: Solo Promotional Images
The Man in the High Castle: Unsorted Stills

Alexa Davalos Web – New Layout & Design!

Hello visitors! Welcome to the new version of Alexa Davalos Web. The site needed a whole new fresh can of paint to celebrate being online for over 10 years!!. I hope you all like it. I want to take a moment and thank all the visitors who take time to visit my fansite. I know you’re all Alexa fans like myself and it’s awesome to know so many of you have been visiting my site since it opened its doors back in February 2005. I will be working on getting the website up to date this weekend so please bare with me. I know you all will enjoy all the new goodies I plan to add.

In the meantime, be sure to watch Alexa on THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE a new series available on Amazon that is just.. fantastic. There’s no other words for it. I can’t wait to see more episodes.

Gallery Modifications + Changes Coming!

Hey everyone, its been awhile since my last update. The site has been in pretty much an open hiatus. Today I worked on the gallery and fixes a lot of broken and missing images. I apologize for not noticing that sooner. If you find any please let me know. I will be working on the gallery this week and updating a lot of small and medium quality photos for highter quality ones. I will also be adding tons of new photos including photos of Alexa from this week where she attended The TNT Upfronts. Please be patient. I promise it will be worth the wait. It’s time for me to get this site back on track. 🙂

Happy Holidays and 2013 News about ADW!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. Offline life has been hectic especially with the holidays. New updates to the site will not be added to the site until January 1, 2013. Hey, us webmasters need a break too! hehe. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Thanks for visiting and for being such awesome and loyal fans to Alexa and the site. 🙂

Is there something you want to see more of on the site? Now is the time to speak up and let me hear it! I will be updating a lot of the old content and the gallery with old missing images. If you have anything you would like to donate: scans, appearances, photoshoots, candids, or even fanart, animations, or icons of any kind, please share them with us!

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