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Gallery Complete!

I’ve finished getting the entire gallery up to date adding another 3,000 photos including all of Alexa’s most recent public appearances, television appearances, The Man in the High Castle and Mob City photos, and much much more. Please check out the latest photos here. I will be working on updating the site’s content this weekend.

Alexa Davalos Web – New Layout & Design!

Hello visitors! Welcome to the new version of Alexa Davalos Web. The site needed a whole new fresh can of paint to celebrate being online for over 10 years!!. I hope you all like it. I want to take a moment and thank all the visitors who take time to visit my fansite. I know you’re all Alexa fans like myself and it’s awesome to know so many of you have been visiting my site since it opened its doors back in February 2005. I will be working on getting the website up to date this weekend so please bare with me. I know you all will enjoy all the new goodies I plan to add.

In the meantime, be sure to watch Alexa on THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE a new series available on Amazon that is just.. fantastic. There’s no other words for it. I can’t wait to see more episodes.

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